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Continuous Products
Half Round - Ogee - Downpipes

The Continuous Guttering products are manufactured for
optimum strength, corrosion resistance and durability whilst
maintaining visual appeal and affordability. Our gutters and
downpipes are formed with Corus Colorcoat® LG.

The method is a similar idea to seamless aluminium
equivalents, however we use only the best components, with
specially formulated mastics, options for colours, colour-coded
fixings, protection internally and externally as well as a
polyester leathergrain coating for durable scratch resistance.
Our machines are specially manufactured for the use of our
high spec’ materials which other machines are not capable of

There is a wide range of colours to choose from to suit your property. However, due to minimum ordering, colours other
than black and white may incur extra costs.

Download the PDF for technical information and colour chart:

Half Round

Half Round Profile
Half Round Gutter Half Round Outlet Half Round Stop End Half Round Bracket

Ogee Profile
Ogee Gutter Spigot Ogee Stop End Ogee Bracket

Downpipe 40° Bends 72° Bends Branch

Hopper Example 1
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