Continuous Guttering in Southampton

Seamless Guttering Benefits for Bournemouth Property Owners

Continuous Guttering are based in Southampton and Bournemouth is one of the many areas we cover as seamless guttering specialists. While the majority of our work is built around the supply and installation of aluminium guttering and copper guttering, we can also repair or replace uPVC guttering, uPVC soffits and uPVC fascias. With 40 years of experience, we have the industry background and know-how to meet all of your guttering requirements.

Understanding the world of seamless guttering will give property owners in Bournemouth a much clearer idea of what Continuous Guttering can do. Below, we explain some of the key benefits associated with using our company and our services.

Aluminium Guttering and Copper Guttering

At Continuous Guttering, we use two different materials to create seamless guttering for our Bournemouth customers. Aluminium guttering is a wonderfully versatile choice suitable for most types of work, and we can create lengths of up to 70m. This is nearly twice as long as the lengths most other guttering companies can manage, and we fabricate all aluminium guttering onsite. Our own access equipment is provided for the installation side of our work.

Copper guttering is our alternative product and one which is particularly suited to period and listed properties. Because we can work to such impressive lengths, our seamless guttering services are perfect for commercial properties, hotels and barns in the Bournemouth area. We have our own equipment which is used to fabricate guttering.

Seamless Guttering Provides Unique Customer Benefits

The biggest benefit we offer to property owners in Bournemouth is an aluminium guttering or copper guttering installation which is completely free of drips and leaks. Our guttering carries water away from your property to reduce filtration around the foundations. Because we use high-grade materials to create our seamless guttering, there are never any issues caused by expansion, contraction, high winds or freezing weather conditions.

Seamless guttering looks great too and, because we cut everything to size onsite instead of at a factory or workshop, Bournemouth customers are always assured of a perfectly-fitted installation. Unlike low-end guttering systems, our seamless guttering installations integrate precisely with homes and commercial properties to enhance kerb appeal and value.

A Full Colour Range and Extended Guarantees

Continuous Guttering can supply aluminium guttering and copper guttering in a wide choice of RAL colours, and this gives property owners in the Bournemouth area complete design flexibility. Seamless guttering will coordinate with existing features perfectly, and the resilient finish of our products will result in very few ongoing maintenance requirements. Matching soffits and fascias can also be supplied and fitted by our company.

Perhaps best of all, seamless guttering systems come with a long, insurance-backed guarantee of 25 years, a much longer warranty than you’ll find with many other types of guttering. Just as importantly, all work undertaken in the Bournemouth area is back by our own no-quibble material and labour guarantee. Continuous Guttering is a fully insured company and we provide our customers with free, no-obligation quotations.

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