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Traditional Guttering Vs Seamless Guttering in Southampton

Continuous Guttering are based in Southampton and many of our existing customers come from our home city. We specialise in the installation of aluminium guttering and copper guttering, two high-grade products which provide a wealth of benefits for domestic and commercial properties in and around the Southampton area. Seamless guttering installations manufactured from aluminium or copper provides unique end-user benefits.

Here, we compare the benefits of seamless guttering against traditional guttering, and give prospective customers in Southampton an insight into the services provided by our company. We also cover the Bournemouth, Salisbury and Winchester areas.

No Leaks or Joints

Traditional guttering is manufactured in pre-cut sections which allows for easier assembly, but which also requires fasteners and sealers to create a joint. This results in potential blockage and leak points, which can affect the integrity of properties in Southampton. Seamless guttering is manufactured as a single piece in lengths of up to 70m with no joints.

Durable and Resistant Finish

Steel has always been the material of choice for traditional guttering. While it is undoubtedly strong, it has a tendency to peel and rust after prolonged exposure to moisture. We use aluminium guttering and copper guttering for seamless installations in the Southampton area which are resistant to expansion, contraction, wind, rain and freezing.

Better Design Integration

Aluminium guttering and copper guttering can be finished in a wide choice of RAL colours, whereas traditional guttering has few colour choices and will require painting to blend in with other external features of your Southampton home or business. The finish on seamless guttering is attractive, highly durable and particularly resistant to rusting or scratching.

Stronger in Comparison to uPVC

More modern guttering, such as uPVC, can crack and deteriorate over time. This is particularly true at the many joint areas. Heavy rainfall can also make uPVC guttering warp. Aluminium guttering and copper guttering are both considerably stronger than uPVC, and can withstand the weight of heavy rainfall without causing bowing, buckling or breakages.

Less Maintenance Required

The joints on traditional guttering trap twigs, leaves and winter debris to cause blockages that result in water overflow issues. Spilling water can affect exterior walls and the foundations of your Southampton property. Seamless guttering has no joints so blockages are less likely, and this results in a genuine low-maintenance product for our customers.

  • Aluminium guttering and copper guttering is fabricated onsite to exact dimensions
  • Seamless guttering is perfect for hotels, barns and commercial properties
  • Access equipment is provided by our own company to reduce overall project costs
  • Customers in Southampton can choose from a wide spectrum of RAL colours
  • All seamless guttering installations are guaranteed for a full 25 years
  • We can create aluminium guttering or copper guttering in lengths of up to 70m
  • A specialist welder on our team seals all joints onsite to create continuous lengths

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