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Leak-Free Seamless Guttering Installations in Winchester

Traditional guttering is supplied as a jigsaw system which requires fastening components to complete the installation. Homeowners in Winchester with one of these older guttering system may already know that these fastening components are a problem spot in the guttering installation where leaves, twigs and debris accumulate. Sunlight causes sealants to crack, and this frequently results in leaks, mildew and material deterioration.

Ultimately, damaged guttering can affect the exterior and the foundations of your home or business property in Winchester. With seamless guttering, all such issues are overcome. Continuous Guttering work out of Southampton, and we’ve already completed numerous aluminium guttering and copper guttering installations in the nearby Winchester area.

Seamless Guttering Never Leaks

Seamless guttering is fabricated onsite without joints or fasteners. Streamlined construction eradicates leak points and results in less ongoing maintenance for property owners in the Winchester area. Aluminium guttering and copper guttering are durable, resilient and guaranteed to protect your home or commercial premises for up to 25 years. We provide you with full insurance-backed warranties.

Seamless Guttering is Low-Maintenance

The joints in traditional guttering systems encourage weed and moss growth, which can root into the walls of properties in the Winchester area to cause structural damage. Weed and moss also cause guttering to erode sooner, and this increases the chance of flooding. The only way to rectify such problems is to regularly replace joints and fasteners, but they will inevitably arise again.

Seamless guttering is a single, joint-free installation which, once installed, can continue to give property owners in Winchester exceptional low-maintenance performance over many years. It is highly resistant to sunlight, high winds and freezing weather conditions.

Seamless Guttering Provides Design Choice

Our company primarily works with aluminium guttering and copper guttering. Customers in Winchester can choose from powder-coated and scratch-resistant finishes in a complete selection of RAL colours. Once fitted, seamless guttering never needs to be repainted. Aluminium guttering and copper guttering are both manufactured on site to last far longer than galvanised steel installations.

Seamless Guttering is Professionally Installed

While many home and business owners in the Winchester area opt for uPVC guttering on a basis of price, we like to remind them that seamless guttering provides the first line of defence against cosmetic and structural damage. It is genuinely bespoke and our tradesmen use our own equipment to cut aluminium guttering and copper guttering to size while we are working at your property.

We never cut guttering at a workshop because this runs the risk of poor fitting. Just as importantly, Continuous Guttering have access equipment which can be brought to site to help complete the installation. This saves our Winchester customers money on having to hire in such equipment, and this outweighs much of the cost of guttering work.

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