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Copper Guttering in Horsham with Seamless Design Innovation

Continuous Guttering operate out of Southampton as seamless guttering specialists. Horsham is one of many key service areas for our company and we’re well-known in this particular Sussex town for our copper guttering and aluminium guttering installation services. This is because we are genuine coppersmiths with the ability to combine time-served working practices with innovative guttering technology to benefit the customer.

While our own expertise lies firmly in the field of copper guttering, coppersmiths (or ‘redsmiths’, as they were once known) specialise in the fabrication of all copper artefacts. In fact, the term ‘redsmith’ comes from the colour of copper itself. Guttering made from copper can provide our Horsham customers with a low-maintenance seamless rainwater system manufactured in its entirety by our own highly experienced tradesmen.

Importantly, seamless guttering uses zinc-lined polycoated steel to create a water-resistant and remarkably durable finish which is less inclined to perish. This ensures all components, including the downpipes, clips, bends, shoes and diverters, will continue to provide many years of ongoing service when integrated with aluminium guttering and copper guttering systems installed at your Horsham property by the Continuous Guttering team.

  • Aluminium guttering and copper guttering is made in-house by our company
  • Our coppersmiths use industrial machinery to create seamless guttering onsite
  • Seamless guttering is particularly suitable for flats and communal buildings
  • Continuous guttering can also perform installations for hotels in the Horsham area
  • Our company uses Corus Colorcoat® LG systems for a flawless, watertight finish
  • Seamless guttering reduces the need for ongoing repair and replacement work
  • Zinc-lined polycoated steel finishes are durable and scratch-resistant

The seamless design of our guttering provides Horsham property owners with a leak-free finish so water always flow directly into the drainage system. Using aluminium guttering or copper guttering in a continuous design prevents rainwater from spilling out of the system onto the exterior of the property. It also eliminates the need for joining components so, over time, there will be less need to repair or replace parts as they begin to wear or erode.

Seamless guttering is a solid investment for all property owners in Horsham, domestic or commercial, and the reassurance of having aluminium guttering or copper guttering fitted by genuine local tradesmen promotes confidence in our services.

If you’d like to discuss continuous guttering for your Horsham home or business, call us now for a free, no-obligation quotation. We genuinely look forward to hearing from you.

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