Continuous Guttering in Southampton

Custom-Designed Seamless Guttering in Portsmouth

Aluminium guttering and copper guttering can be manufactured in-house by our own coppersmiths and tradesmen to provide your Portsmouth home, business or commercial property with a leak-free rainwater system. Located in Southampton, our company designs genuinely bespoke seamless guttering which is cut and formed onsite using industrial machinery for what we consider to be a true custom fit of the very highest quality.

In a day and age where it’s harder than ever to find true craftsmanship, we cover the Portsmouth area as time-served coppersmiths (redsmiths).

Our guttering isn’t manufactured in a factory because we know there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ system. The moment you begin to fit guttering with multiple joints and components, the more likely it is that your system will fail and leave you facing expensive repair bills. Longevity is a key benefit with seamless guttering installations.

While it makes sense that our coppersmiths will be able to install a continuous copper guttering systems for your Portsmouth home, business or communal property, our skilled tradesmen can also work with aluminium guttering. What’s more, we can also integrate zinc-lined polycoated materials from Corus Colorcoat® LG to provide the customer with a durable, water-resistant guttering installation which is virtually scratch-resistant.

Seamless Guttering Benefits for Portsmouth Property Owners

Choose Continuous Guttering for the installation of a seamless guttering system anywhere in Portsmouth and a leak-free finish is guaranteed. Aluminium guttering, copper guttering and zinc-lined polycoated steel guttering carry water away from the home directly to drainage system, eliminating the potential for overflow onto the property exterior and the possibility of water infiltration into the foundations or the basement.

This minimises ongoing property maintenance costs.

Seamless guttering is custom-designed as a single system to ensure influencing factors such as contraction, expansion, freezing, high winds and other effects caused by variable weather never have an impact on your Portsmouth home, communal property or business. The exact fit of seamless guttering also guarantees an installation which looks great on completion.

Aluminium guttering and copper guttering come with an unconditional 25-year warranty which is insurance-backed. Our clients in Portsmouth also benefit from innovative hanging systems which are almost impossible to see after installation.

We encourage you to make Continuous Guttering your preferred local choice for seamless guttering supply and installation services, and to join our ever-growing portfolio of happy customers in Portsmouth and all surrounding Hampshire areas.

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